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90.582 Pegas #2 Super Skip Blades 1 dozen/pack

90.582 Pegas #2 Super Skip Blades 1 dozen/pack

The one dozen/pack is discontinued by Pegas These are on closeout at a special price.  Use the new Pegas Super Skip blade to achieve a smooth finish from an aggressive blade.  Specifically desgned for hard and medium hard woods.  Super Skip blades also works perfectly on acrylic with a reduced speed.  The spaces between the teeth are wider than the normal skip tooth configuration.  The #2 Super Skip blade is 0.0118" thick x 0.0310" wide and 16.1 tpi. Minimum bit size is 64.


    We accept returns with full refund if the package is complete and unopened.  Return shipping cost is your responsibility.


    Flat rate shipping and handling of $4.

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